Artist CV

Pete Ashton
DoB: 19 Sept 1972
Residence: Birmingham, UK
Phone: +44 7775 690 106

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I am a multidisciplinary artist working in Birmingham in the North West of Europe. My work uses media technologies, primarily cameras, to explore how we perceive and understand the world around us. As an advocate of peer and self-learning within artistic communities in Birmingham, I use art to explore traditionally academic subjects in new ways, seeing my practice as a form of applied philosophical enquiry.

This CV covers exhibitions, commissions, residencies and key works from the last decade. See also my Practitioner CV for freelance work related to my practice and the website for a comprehensive record of all my work.


Well, less said the better really…


Dead Shrines - Collaboration with ACE funded project.

The 1972 Project - The umbrella for artworks produced from September 2019 to September 2022.


Black Hole Club - Member of Vivid Projects’ artist development programme producing the following works for group exhibitions throughout the year:


Instructions for Humans - ACE funded three month show at Birmingham Open Media comprising digital, sculptural and performance work, centred around my presence in the gallery space. Concluding a period of research and development around Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools.

Developed in Birmingham - Commission to build a camera obscura drawing chamber at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Echo Edit - Performance exploring algorithmic-driven performance.

The Droids - Commission for Fermynwoods Open Online Six, exploring edge-cases in the algorithmic policing of online copyright infringement.


Goodbye Wittgenstein - Month-long residency and artist exchange in Linz, Austria, making work responding to the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s time in Linz and Birmingham.

Birmingham Camera Obscura R&D Programme - Commissioned and produced, with Jenny Duffin, four artists to create new works using the Birmingham Camera Obscura.

Speculative Cameras - Birmingham Open Media Fellowship exploring what cameras could be in order to understand what role they play in modern society.

A Portrait of Birmingham - Interactive digital artwork using thousands of photographs taken on Cross City Walks through Birmingham, composited by a machine learning algorithm.

My New Camera Is A Laser - Essay commissioned for Knowle West Media Centre’s 20th anniversary exhibition and publication.


Sitting In Stagram - Digital artwork appropriating Alvin Lucier’s seminal performative work I Am Sitting In A Room (1969), to explore remix culture and the aesthetics of image copying on Instagram as it was in early 2015.

Cross City Walks - Series of art walks across Birmingham in straight lines made Andy Howlett, resulting in a number of digital artworks and an interactive “walking movie” installation at the Flatpack Film Festival.


Live Sonification of Photography - Performance / talk at If Wet artists salon on employing the act of photography as a musical performance through treating photographs as spectrographs.

Birmingham Camera Obscura - Ongoing project to build and exhibit camera obscura devices in Birmingham.


Photographic Exploration of Place - ACE-funded period of artistic development building on the photography walks I run through Photo School and resulting in three new walks in collaboration with sound artists.