About Pete Ashton

My name is Pete Ashton.

I’m an artist based in Birmingham in the North West of Europe. My work centres on cameras as post-photographic data-capture devices with an interest in realising their output through mechanical/human gesture.

Throughout 2017 I will be producing Instructions For Humans, a new body of work culminating in a solo show in November.

I occasionally blog.

I’ve been a practicing artist since 2013 after four decades of slowly coming to the conclusion I might be an artist.

Fellowships, Residencies and Scholarships

Birmingham Open Media (Fellowship, 2014-16)

Experimental Capture with Golan Levin (Scholarship, Anderson Ranch, Colorado, July 2016)

Goodbye Wittgenstein (Residency, Linz, November 2016)

Aston Lab for Intelligent Collectives Engineering (Visiting Fellow, 2017)




+44 7775 690106