The Coventry Artspace has a unit in the soon-to-be-demolished City Arcadia shopping centre which members of Black Hole Club were invited to use for three days to mess around with audio/visual technology and see where it took them.

I decided to use this opportunity to do an audit of all the random cameras, sensors and computers I’d gathered over my BOM Fellowship and related projects like Speculative Cameras, to see if I was still interested in any of it.

Rather embarrasingly at the time it turned out I wasn’t. Whatever it was I wanted to do with my art, it probably wasn’t going to involve these boxes of tech. Which, on reflection, meant I had a clean slate to work with.

I did produce one piece of work, an homage to Adam Magyar’s Stainless which I shot with my phone on the train in to Coventry and back to Birmingham. I put this in the window of the unit for the duration of the residency.