Installation piece for Stellar, a group show commissioned by Lumen for members of Black Hole Club. Exhibited at Vivid Projects, Birmingham, 27/4 to 4/5 2018.


Optical lenses enable us to see the otherwise invisible, from the microscopic to deep space, and to assist the otherwise sightless. This work hangs an array of 144 lenses, taken from a vintage opticians diagnosis set, across a projection of deep space imagery. A small fan on the floor gently animates them as they distort and refocus the light that falls through them. Visitors are invited to experience the light captured and manipulated by these human-crafted objects.

Some Photos

Vivid’s photos of the whole group show are here.


Pics by Fiona Cullinan and Lidia Bianchi.

Experimenting with other video

Before de-installing the piece I wanted to see how other styles of video would work with the lenses.


I used some of Antonio Robert’s work, my own Slitscan Selfies, Koyaanisqatsi Slitscanned, A Portrait of Birmingham and the Avengers trailer.