Focus-stacking Boris Johnson's Christmas 2020 address to the nation.
December 2020 - online

September 22nd

Merging Boris Johnson's September 2020 address to the nation.
September 2020 - online

Boris Hands

Merging Boris Johnson's April 2020 address to the nation.
May 2020 - online

Waiting for Trump

Compressing the time reporters spent waiting for Donald Trump to arrive for a press conference.
April 2020 - online

Most of Stoned Moon

A digital collage of Robert Rauschenberg lithographs
December 2019 - online

1972 v0.1

A first stab at figuring some stuff out.
November 2019 - online

The 1972 Project

Making work about the period from the last moon landing to my 50th birthday.
November 2019 - ongoing

Rivers of the World 2019

Thames Festival / British Council scheme twinning schools around the world using local rivers.
June 2019 - 5 months

Stirchley Salon

A meetup for artists and makers to present their work to peers.
September 2018 - Ongoing

Dead Shrines

A camera obscura sculpture in Stirchley Park.
September 2018 - 9 months


Microscopic photogrammetry of a wound on my leg.
September 2018 - online


A lighting flash as viewed by an insect.
June 2018

Open Zine Archive

My collection of thousands of zines and small press comics emptied out in a gallery for a week.
June 2018

Optical Array

Installation for Stellar, a group show commissioned by Lumen on the theme on Space.
April 2018

Blow-Up 2018

Imagining a reboot of the 1960s photography-based thriller where David Hemmings plays The Data Centre.
March 2018

Rivers of the World 2018

Thames Festival / British Council scheme twinning schools around the world using local rivers.
March 2018 - 8 months

Instructions for Humans

A Cargo Cult for Artificial Intelligence - artworks exploring human interactions with machines.
December 2017 - 3 months

Transcripts of Humans

Three months of talking to visitors in a gallery, transcribed for the gallery wall.
November 2017

Data Cult

An Instructional Event for Humans.
November 2017

Ars Electronic 2017

I visited the international media festival on a bursary and took part in a game as a media artist.
September 2017

Developed in Birmingham

A camera obscura studio in Birmingham Museum and a Speculative Cameras workshop.
August 2017

Echo Edit

In order to understand data-based performance art I decided to make some.
July 2017


New Robert Anton Wilson texts generated by a Recurrent Neural Network
May 2017 - online

Pictures from Dorian Gray

Generating images from a novel using an AI system trained on a photographic archive.
February 2017 - online


Maximum object detection on the Moma collection.
January 2017 - online

Show and Tell

A support group for artists in Stirchley
January 2017 - 7 months

The Droids

When is a copyright infringement not a copyright infringement? When the robots can't see it.
January 2017 - online

Auto-blending 2016

Focus-stacking the "best of" photos from news sites.
December 2016 - online

Fuck Your Flags

Pixel-sorting the nations of the world into irrelevance.
December 2016 - online


Algo-sorting images into aesthetically pleasing grids.
August 2016 - 5 months

Foot Camera

Filming a walk with a camera stuck to my shoe
August 2016 - online

Art in Crisis

Photography project working with homelessness charity Crisis in Birmingham.
June 2016 - 1 month

Spinning Logos

Destroying corporate sigils using JPEG compression.
February 2016 - online


Stan's Cafe project working with 120 pupils from 20 schools to discover their opinions about Birmingham through photography.
November 2015 - 3 months


Imagining a lost sculpture using Instagram images
October 2015

Watchmen, by Brightness

Sorting the panels from the comic book Watchmen by their computated brightness.
April 2015 - online

Sitting In Stagram

I am logged into an Instagram account, identical to the one you are in now.
February 2015 - online

Supper Room

Spinning the Last Supper
January 2015 - online

Cross City Walks

A series of walks across Birmingham in as straight a line as possible, undertaken with Andy Howlett.
November 2014 - 4 months

Ikon Traces

Photography art-walk commissioned by the Ikon gallery as part of their 50th anniversary
July 2014

Birmingham Obscura

An ongoing project to develop and build camera obscuras in Birmingham.
July 2014 - ongoing

Flatland Selfies

What do self-portraits look like in one dimension?
June 2014 - online

Theatre Obscura

Turning the Old Joint Stock's theatre into a giant camera with Jenny Duffin.
January 2014

Rotunda Obscura

Turning a top floor apartment of Birmingham's Rotunda tower into a giant camera with Jenny Duffin.
January 2014

Ikon Gallery workshops

Photography masterclasses using the gallery exhibitions as a stimulus.
May 2013 - 2 ½ years

Dirty New Media

Glitch-art conference run by Antonio Roberts which I attended
March 2013


Searching video and photo sharing sites for a specific filename to get a broad sample.
January 2012 - online

Dead Space

My first 'proper' exhibition, in the windows of the old Birmingham Central Library.
May 2011 - 1 month

Ikon Slow Boat

Using blogging with the Ikon's Youth Programme.
May 2011 - 3 years

Birmingham Zine Festival 2010 Talk

I spoke about The Emergence of the British Small Press Comics Scene in the Early 1980s to an audience of zine enthusiasts.
September 2010

TTV Pete Exhibition

My first public exhibition of my work - all the TTV photographs in the Moseley Exchange co-working space.
March 2010 - 1 month