Black Hole Club is an artist development programme run by Vivid Projects in Birmingham. As part of the programme members are invited to present their work, or an aspect of their work, to their peers for discussion, similar to an art school crit, though more presentation-based.

Mine was on 9 October 2018 when I found myself in something of a quagmire artistically, having used the programme to experiment and see where I might go next but not coming up with any useful answers. (I subsequently took some time off from making art, returning to my practice in late 2019.) I decided to go right back to my childhood in the 80s and run through everything that seemed to inform my work so see if any patterns might emerge.

Audio was recorded on my phone resting on the table, so volume varies as I move around. Introduced by Antonio Roberts, leader of the BHC.

Fellow BHC member Emily Roderick kindly sent me her notes from my talk which I found fascinating.