Birmingham Obscura, or Birmingham Camera Obscura, was started by Jenny Duffin and myself in 2014 when we decided to build a camera obscura and take it around for people to experience. It has manifested in a number of projects, mainly based around the professional-grade camera we crowdfunded to build.

The project has formally been on hiatus since 2017 as work and other projects took up our time, but I continued to do occasional obscura work (I try and take the main camera out in public at least once a year) and am keen to bring it back if a sustainable plan can be hatched. If you are interested in joining the Birmingham Obscura project, please get in touch!

The (now archived) website documented our activities from 2014-17. There are also many photos on Flickr. Compiling all this into a permanent archive is a work in progress.

Obscura projects with Jenny

Obscura projects without Jenny


  • Graphic design was by Gareth Courage
  • BOM hosted the project and camera from 2014-17
  • The main camera was built by Matt Moore
  • Our mirror and lens housing were donated by Tim Norgate of Pinhole Solutions
  • And many, many more people along the way.