A Few Of My Favourite Things - Ikon

A talk given at the Ikon gallery as part of their series.

August 2010

The Ikon gallery in Birmingham had a series of talks called “These Are a Few of my Favourite Things”, a Desert Island Discs-style event where guests talk about eight works of art. For some reason I was asked to speak in the 2010 programme, presumably because the Created in Birmingham blog had mad a bit of an impact on these scene, or maybe they just had a space they needed to fill. Whatever the reasoning I blundered in with my selection of stuff-I-like-that-might-be-art and spoke to a surprisingly full room.

My favourite things were:

  1. The Internet
  2. kottke.org
  3. Nan Goldin
  4. The bubbleglass of the Duaflex viewfinder.
  5. Eddie Campbell’s ALEC
  6. Raymond Pettibon’s 80s zines and posters.
  7. The Kleptones’ Night At The Hip-Hopera album.
  8. Mario Paint Composer covers.

I was interviewed by Kate Self, then an education officer at Ikon, who later hired me to do the website for their youth programme, which led to a few photography masterclasses over the years. I’m still waiting for my solo show in the main gallery though…